About Chris

IMG_1671CLSsiteChris was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, spending the vast majority of his youth causing mischief in Lakewood, Ohio. During this time Chris picked up his first instrument when he played trombone for two years in the school band. This was a good first step as it set up a solid foundation for reading music and playing with a unified group, however his stint in the band lasted only 2 years. Flash forward a few years to Lakewood High School where music began playing a much bigger role in young Chris’s life. His mother, Cynthia, noticed this and bought him a bass guitar and lessons at the local music shop.

After a few years of lessons the first opportunity for musical collaboration presented itself as a budding young songwriter, Conor Standish, began hanging around Chris’s apartment on the Lakewood’s west side. The two had known each other from their upbringing in catholic schools but had not seen each other so frequently. It undoubtedly took some gentle shoving from Standish but eventually the two fashioned a respectable playlist of home grown tunes that gained a modest following of friends. This musically cosmic affair allowed for the creation of the Trip-C’s and for Rush and Standish to gain a strong musical kinship which paid off when both took their talents to Athens Ohio, and Ohio University, and began The Burning River Ramblers.