About Zach

IMG_1666CLSsiteZach Catania, hailing from Athens, Ohio and growing up in a family of musicians, wrote his first song when he was 7 years old. Ever since, there is nothing he would rather do. Passionate about his career choice, Zach has always put music first. Past projects include Mutalitia and Slaughter Drive. The Burning River Ramblers became the perfect eclectic fit for his carious styles, influenced by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Yngwei Malmsteen, The Allman Brothers, Dave Mustaine, Robert Cray, and many others stretching across many genres. He was asked by The Ramblers to learn all of their songs and play a show that same night, and needless to say he amazed everyone in the venue, so he was immediately asked to join the band after the show.